10 Creative Winter Activities

Posted by Cherese Monte on 10/28/2019
10 Creative Winter Activities

Wintertime for most people equates to staying warm indoors until the sun shines in the spring. But who says that winter activities only have to be for children? There are plenty of activities that extend outdoor time well into the winter. Joining a local book club, going skiing, or hosting a game night are all fun options that can keep the fun times going even though the temperatures are low. Bundle up this season and make fun memories with family and friends this season with our tips on how to survive the winter months! 

Local Events

Most towns/cities have plenty of winter options available to the public. Check out your town's websites to see events happening on weekends. Between music festivals, holiday activities, and shopping events, and museums, there is plenty of options to keep you and your family busy during the winter months.

Outdoor Game Night

Game nights can get friends together and create lifelong memories of laughter. Bring out the board games and host a game night with drinks apps. Who says that game night has to be indoors? Even having a snowball fight or making snow angels, you can enjoy the outdoors with loved ones. With the use of Patio Heaters, you can bring game night outdoors while staying warm and toasty!

Living Room Picnic

As a child, forts were always a fun winter activity. Making a living room fort can be the perfect setting for a movie marathon with popcorn and snacks. Stay in your pajamas and cuddle up fireside and enjoy your favorite binge-worthy shows! Baking cookies and camping out on the living room floor with blankets and pillows are a great way to stay cozy and enjoy your home during the winter months.

Take A Cooking Class

Many restaurants offer this as an option for a group. Get your friends and family together and learn how to make pasta, pizza, or sushi! Search online to find different cuisines that offer instruction on how to make their local delicacies.


Who doesn’t love crowding around a good fire and camping out for the weekend? Camping with friends and family is an excellent time to bond and get everyone out to enjoy nature while spending quality time with minimal disturbances. It is a fun activity to do during the winter months with the whole family. Whether you are gathering sharing your favorite memories or just spending time with some friends having some drinks, a fire pit is always a must to keep warm. Pack up the car, grab your tents, s’ mores supplies and beverages, and head to the back yard for an outdoor evening. Enjoying wine or hot chocolate by the fire pit will keep you warm and toasty, even in the middle of December.

Ski Resort

Going to a ski resort is an inexpensive but fun activity to do in cold months of winter. You don’t need to be a pro to try the slopes at a ski resort; most resorts have beginner slopes and people to train you how to ski. There are also many activities to do for the little ones at resorts while the adults ride the slopes. Many Ski Resorts have fire pits and patio heaters on site so you can be outdoors while enjoying the scenic snowy views that ski resorts have to offer. So next time you need a little getaway on a cold weekend, throw some gloves on and pack your bags and go to your nearest ski resort with the whole family.

Cutting Down Your Holiday Tree

Spending time with family as you search for the perfect holiday tree can create memories that last a lifetime. Bundle up in your warmest winter clothes and make the trek to a field or farm nearby where it is permitted to cut and let the fun begin! Not only can this be a fun activity for kids, but it can also double as a healthy workout for everyone in the family. A bonus of freshly fallen snowfall can make the day picture perfect. Don’t worry! Opting to cut down a fresh tree and avoiding a tree lot can be beneficial to the environment because it gives room for younger trees to spread out and grow in the wilderness.

Winter Hiking

Why not head outside for a hike this winter to explore nature in your local area. Hiking can be a beautiful experience; however, you want to be sure some crucial tips are taken into consideration. Check out your local park's website for safe winter hiking trails that can be enjoyed all year round. Winter hiking will ensure fewer crowds, so there will be plenty of open space for pictures! Hiking in the mountains or wooded areas reduces the amount of sunlight you are exposed to on your hike.

This means you want to dress in enough layers, so your body temperature remains steady and does not drop too low. You want to be safe on your hike and avoid any uncertain weather types such as precipitation, avalanches reports, winds, and unsafe temperatures. Getting stuck in the rain or even a dangerous snowstorm can be scary. It is necessary to research these conditions before starting your journey. Bringing along a friend or even another experienced hiker not only makes the journey more fun, but it's always safer. Be sure to pack extra gloves, hiking poles, hats, and snacks.

Ice Skating

Just like any holiday movie, ice skating on an outdoor rink in the winter is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and even get in a little exercise while having fun! After spending some time on the rink, cozy up near a patio heater, and drink hot chocolate to stay warm and enjoy the time with family and friends.

Book Club

Book clubs are a great way to get to know people who share the same interests as you. From romance novels to murder mystery, gather friends and family together to enjoy diving into another world with a good book. Check out your local library to see if they have a book club recommendation for you based on your reading preference. Open up a bottle of wine and snack on yummy treats will discussing the book of the month!