8 Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2017

Posted by on 3/31/2017
8 Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2017

Decks, backyards and other outdoor areas have generally been considered extensions of the indoor living space. However, once seen as the less popular cousin of indoor furnishing, outdoor furniture has moved from the traditional swing seat on the porch to a more versatile and creative outdoor living space.

From contemporary outdoor furnishings to outdoor patio propane heaters, here is a look at the top outdoor furniture trends making a buzz in 2017.

1.  A blend of indoors and out

Outdoor furniture looks more and more like indoor furniture. Gone are the hardy wicker chairs, which have since been replaced by contemporary ottoman and sofas. While the indoor resemblance is present, this furniture is upholstered with durable materials sustainable for the outdoors, without compromising on comfort. Luxurious fabric accents such as throw pillows and cushions are coupled up with bold colors and shiny metallic chrome finishes on the furniture.

2.  Motion chairs

Though a bit old school, the demand for Swivel chairs is set to increase in 2017. These flexible chairs allow people to conveniently enjoy views from any angle they prefer. So whether it’s switching between conversations, soaking up the pool, trees or any other backyard views, it’s done easily.

3.  Concrete

Sustainability and durability seem to be an essential part of outdoor furniture, and concrete and metals are the top choices. From aged patinas on steel, unfinished stone to concrete tables that look like wood; this blend of modern and raw texture make inviting spots for relaxation. Furthermore, seat walls provide an artistic and functional combo.

4.  Outdoor patio propane heaters

Nothing kills a relaxing mood like a cold night. Replacing the traditional fire pit, outdoor patio propane heaters are a more manageable, environment friendly option for extending your time outdoors and using your patio all year round. Their mobility and ease of use is only half the fun, as most of them feature delicate accents that are bound to add an aesthetic outdoor look.

5.  Multi-functional furniture

Outdoor furnishings are either getting larger or more functional. No longer are they just sitting space for one or two people, there’s more emphasis on them being spots for entertainment and enjoying meals. Thus, there’s greater need for furniture that can serve diverse needs. For patios and porches with enough space, tables now allow comfortable seating for eight or more people. On the hand, seats that double up as storage, foldable chairs and even versatile tables that can be disassembled for seating, come in handy for limited outdoor spaces.

6.  Outdoor rooms

People are making their patios their own, by adding things such as covers, lighting, outdoor heaters and even small kitchens, which add the feel of an outdoor room. Porch coverings protect your furniture from the scorching heat of the sun and guests, from sudden rain showers. With these extras, people can prop up their feet and relax, without the hassle of moving back and forth due to unexpected climate changes.

7.  Old and new mash-up

Mixing the new and the old is a timeless furniture trend. In addition to being an affordable furnishing option, it offers an opportunity to inject some personal creativity to your porch space. What’s more, the recycled element gives your outdoor décor a back-story, which will definitely be a conversation starter when entertaining.

8.  Nature-inspired

From the tropical hues of prints, the oceanic blues of a small waterfall, to scattered seashell pieces, incorporating natural elements into your furniture never gets old. A nature-inspired look adds a sense of calm and liveliness to your outdoor space, avoiding a typical detached atmosphere. A splash of plant life such as bright-colored flower beds, also creates an artful backdrop for this outdoor furniture setting.