8 Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas

Posted by on 4/9/2017
8 Patio Decorating Tips & Design Ideas
Are you looking to add some decorative touches to your patio? Well, this is a wide yet fun project that breathes life and gives character to even the smallest of spaces. It is important to note that each patio has its own unique potential and needs. Determine yours and style it as desired.

1. Space Available

Before you start bringing in flowers and furniture, you need to consider the space available on the patio. This will actually give direction to the entire project. You can transform even the smallest patios to a picturesque outdoor sitting area. For small patios, consider making the most out of the space available. Choose modest and functional furniture with concealed storage spaces. These can be used to store magazines, insect swatters, table mats and coasters.

2. Smart Gardening

Hung flower pots are a unique addition to any outdoor space. These can even be dangled along a fence using decorative pots to make them pop. Use them to grow kitchen herbs and spices such as mint, rosemary, basil, coriander, and sage.

3. Color Code

The color and theme that you choose for your patio depends on your preference as well as available space. Bright colors are an ideal choice for most patios. They make small patios appear larger than they really are. If your patio is smaller, try sticking with colors such as yellow, lime green, white and sky blue. On the other hand, large patios are not as restrictive and allow you to experiment with bold colors more easily.

4. Choice of Lighting

If the area is fully enclosed, you may require light to maneuver around. It is important to invest in appropriate lighting for your patio, especially for nighttime use. You can choose wall fixtures or pendants along the column at the edge of the patio. Most people prefer to have the fixtures hidden so that the light shines mysteriously and artistically. For large patios, you will need to invest in path lights.

5. Soft Decor

Attractive soft furnishings can add an even more decorative touch to your patio. These include fancy prints, textures, and colors for your furniture, pots, rugs and wall hangings. These breathe life to the outdoor seating area and help create a theme for it.

6. Space Merge

More people are choosing to merge the outdoors and indoors. In this case, investing in glass doors that fully open to make the two living areas one has become common. This is can be a good idea for a small living area, as this technique makes the space appear larger.

7. Time or Season

Consider the constant weather changes in your area of residence before settling for a particular decorative feature for your home. Invest in all weather furniture and covers to avoid sun and water damage. Outdoor patio propane heaters will come in handy in warming you up during cold nights and winter seasons.

8. Use of the Patio

While some people purposely decorate their patios for entertainment, others use theirs for intimate family moments. This may direct you towards the way you'd like to decorate yours. Invest in equipment such as barbecue grills, hammock, pool and picnic benches for parties.

There's a lot you can do to transform your patio into a cool hangout spot for you and your family and friends. It is advisable to hire professionals to handle major projects such digging in pools and installing heating and cooling appliances in the patios. Keep in mind that all items on the patio should be weather friendly for durability and functionality.

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