The Best Bathroom Dehumidifier Options of 2017

Posted by on 10/2/2017
The Best Bathroom Dehumidifier Options of 2017

There are lots of reasons to purchase a bathroom dehumidifier for your home.

A dehumidifier can help to keep your bathroom free of moisture, eliminate musty odors, and ward off allergens that thrive in damp conditions such as mold, mildew and dust mites.

It's become a common American trend to have at least one or two dehumidifiers in your home.

Today's dehumidifiers are not the same as they used to be. Now, there are quiet, compact models to suit every layout and budget.

With all of the health benefits of owning a bathroom dehumidifier, who wouldn't want one?

We've put together a list of the best dehumidifiers on the market this year.

The Best Bathroom Dehumidifier Options of 2017

Before you shell out cash on a bathroom dehumidifier that is overpriced or under-qualified for the job, take a look at our list of the "best of" out this year.

The Best Value

A large capacity dehumidifier will usually dry your space the fastest. But when you are buying a dehumidifier, it's not always necessary to buy one of the larger-sized models.

According to Consumer Reports, a medium capacity model is likely to work well for small, damp rooms. Buying the most economical dehumidifier can cut energy costs by reducing cycle times. So, don't assume that a high powered, high capacity one is necessary for your home's small space.

Danby Energy Star 30 pint Dehumidifier can cover up to 1,500 feet. Plus, it's priced at just $169 dollars. That's $20 dollars off of the retail price.

It comes with above-standard features like automatic re-start and automatic de-icing -- without an above-average pricetag.

If you're looking for a cost-effective moisture zapper, this model packs big things into its small package.

The Sleekest

You want the perks of having a bathroom dehumidifier, but you would rather not know it's there.

If this sounds like you, consider the super sleek Soleus Air 70 Pint Dehumidifier.

It's trim, black style is unassuming, even when used in smaller spaces. Plus, this model is portable, thanks to its internal pump.

It's also loaded down with bonus features. These include a child-lock control panel, 3-speed fan, and a Clean Filter Indicator. This indicator alerts you when it's time to for a filter change.

You might think all of its extras would incur a much higher consumer cost, but this model is full of surprises. You can pick one up for a mere $249 dollars.

And even though its price is set low, its standards are high. It's capable of churning out 70 pints of moisture every 24 hours. This makes it the perfect bathroom dehumidifier that costs way less than it looks.

The Most Portable and Convenient

Maybe you want the ease of wheeling your dehumidifier out of sight when company arrives. Or perhaps you would like the convenience that a remote-controlled model brings to the table.

Well, if portable is your pleasure, then the Arctic Wind 8,000 BTU model should be on your shopping list.

Not only does this dehumidifier keep moisture at bay. It also amps up its performance with its double duty air conditioning ability. This can keep spaces of almost 300 feet cool and comfortable.

A splurge?

At just $249 dollars, we think not. 

You can whisk away moisture and heat while ushering in this Arctic Wind's economical price and 3-in-1 function.

When you consider the fact that you are purchasing an all-in-one fan, air conditioner and dehumidifier for one not so high price, your buy just got better.

But don't think that it won't be able to keep up at its low price. It can still get rid of up to 45 pints per day.

The Most Luxurious

When you want a dehumidifier that can handle a few challenges, this is the model that you've been looking for.

It has the best of all worlds. It runs on a quiet, energy-efficient internal pump. This pump doubles as an air conditioning system and can be operated remotely.

But it also packs a powerful punch, wiping out over 4 pints of moisture per hour. 

This super luxury model also adjusts for overnight comfort and cooling. It comes with a timer, sleep mode function, 3 speeds, and a digital display. It also comes with a tiered warranty that kicks in at one, two and five years, depending on the part.

It's roll-away convenience, casters,  and side handles make it easily portable. But, its accompanying window venting kit makes it possible to easily install anywhere in your home or office.

That's why the winner of luxury isn't just a great bathroom dehumidifier. It goes the distance, covering any area within your reach that may need drying up or cooling off.

Its other options, like a bacteria resistant filter, hassle free spot cooling capability, and auto-restart function come together to make it the model to beat in 2017.

But, consider this a fair warning.

If you try to beat this one, you're likely to come up short. Because the manufacturers of the Emerson Quiet Kool 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Dehumidifier with Remote Control have thought of just about everything that you might imagine.

However, don't expect to grab one of these for much less than $500 dollars. This Emerson dehumidifier is a steal at $489 dollars, which is still more than $200 bucks off retail. It might seem like a pretty penny to pay, but trust that it's worth the extra cost you might spend for this well-oiled cooling and drying machine.

Which Dehumidifier Will Work Best For You?

The market for dehumidifiers is growing. It's predicted that this is one appliance that we will continue to see more in more taking up the space of homes across America.

If you haven't already found a great bathroom humidifier, this year's models give you plenty of options that are primed to meet even the loftiest expectations. 

It's a small investment when you consider the comfort and health benefits that a dehumidifier brings to the table.

So, what are you waiting for?

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