Your Complete Guide to Buying an Electric Fireplace

Posted by Harrison Luoma on 4/12/2018
Your Complete Guide to Buying an Electric Fireplace

You don't have to rent a log cabin somewhere to enjoy the comfort of a cozy fire.

In fact, you don't even need a real fire.

An electric fireplace can provide all the comfort and warmth your home is missing.

This is the best interior design upgrade to install before next winter rolls around. It will keep your family feeling warm and comfortable when the temperature begins to drop. Not to mention, it looks beautiful all year round!

You can't just purchase the first fireplace you see, though.

There are a few things to consider in order to choose the right option for you.

Luckily, we've broken them all down for you. The following is the buying guide you need to make the most informed decision on your new fireplace.

1. Placement

The first thing to think about is where you want to put your fireplace.

Most homeowners think the living room is the obvious choice. But, some properties have more than one living room. Not to mention the den, the master bedroom, or even your private office.

There are endless options to consider. To narrow your choices down, think about where you spend the most time.

Do you like to read in your bedroom's nook? Or, would you rather have a fireplace the whole family can enjoy in the TV room?

Once you have a room in mind, try to picture the exact placement.

You may only have one wall to work with in the living room if it's a particularly open area. You could have trouble deciding between one side and the other of your bedroom.

Take a walk around the area you want your electric fireplace. Try to imagine it in different places.

Think of how it will look and how well the warmth will expand around the room. You should be able to enjoy both the aesthetics and the added comfort with ease.

2. Installation

After deciding where you want to put a new fireplace, start thinking about the installation process. Consult a team of professionals to make this easier to understand.

Some walls in your home won't be able to support the fireplace. There won't be enough room for the wires or for the installation as a whole. This could be because of how the drywall was layered or because you have a support beam holding up the rest of the room.

Such details can't be seen with the naked eye. You can listen for open spaces as you knock on the walls.

Or, trust in the professionals you've consulted to do their job. They will explain the ins and outs of the room in which you want your electric fireplace and find the perfect spot.

3. Maintenance

While working with installation professionals to find the best placement opportunity, talk about maintenance.

There are some responsibilities you have to consider to ensure your electric fireplace is in top condition for as long as possible.

These will range depending on a fully-electric or gas-based fireplace. Maintenance terms will also be determined by how often you use your fireplace and for how long each time you turn it on.

Some maintenance will be left up to the professionals to handle.

Plan to have someone come and look at your fireplace at least once a year, preferably before winter starts. Even better, have them come once before winter and once right after the season ends.

Remember to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary that may require an extra visit, too.

4. Pricing

Another thing to keep in mind is, as maintenance adds up, so does the overall price of buying a fireplace.

Some will seem cheap from the start.

There are low-cost options to easily install and have in your home. But, they may not last as long as the fireplaces that cost a little more up front. Cheaper options tend to need more care and upkeep until you end up having to replace them.

The fireplaces that you pay more for at the beginning tend to give you more uses in the long-run. These will need maintenance as well, but the quality will last.

You can typically trust the price to be a reflection of what to expect.

The lower you go, the lower the overall enjoyment of your electric fireplace experience. The same pattern can be assumed the higher you range in price.

5. Comfort

If you aren't sure whether you'd rather buy a cheaper fireplace now and replace it later, or go for the high-end electric fireplace right away, consider the level of comfort you're going for.

Do you plan to use your fireplace every day during the winter? Or, is it more for show when company is over?

Also, ask yourself how much maintenance you want to deal with. Your answers will help guide your buying process.

But, at the end of the day, what matters most is achieving the level of comfort you're going for. Comfort is a different concept for everyone.

It's a mix of size and heating strength. It's how long you can run an electric fireplace every time you turn it on and how long you can go between cleaning and changing parts.

Comfort is how a fireplace looks in your home and how it feels to sit beside as it runs. It's even the amount of noise it makes, if any.

Consider every little thing before you choose your final option. Some details might seem minor, but they make a big difference.

Keep in mind, you may have to compromise some things. If you're set on creating the fireplace experience you have in your mind, at Four Seasons Trading Company to help you achieve your vision.

Find the Perfect Electric Fireplace for You

There are many different kinds of electric fireplaces to choose from.

These range in size, function, price, and longevity. Each provides its own level of comfort and style.

But, only one is right for your home.