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Liebherr XS 200 Humidor with Lock - XS-200

Liebherr XS 200 Humidor with Lock - XS-200

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Liebherr’s approach to refrigeration in their entire product line is to provide ideal conditions for preservation – the Humidor XS-200 is no exception. The innovative MagicEye control systems allows precise control to establish the proper balance of temperature and humidity so important to the optimal storage for fine cigars. The storage cabinet can be set from 60ºF to 68ºF (16ºC to 20ºC) and the humidity, controlled by a removable container for distilled water, can be set from 68% to 75% humidity depending on owner preferences. Liebherr's humidor provides the perfect climatic conditions for storing or aging cigars over a long period.

  • 17-in. XS-200 humidor with easy-to-clean SmartSteel door
  • Capacity: 1.4 cu. ft.
  • Internal LCD digital temperature display with accurate touch controls
  • 2 shelves made of solid Spanish cedar
  • 2 removable presentation drawers in Spanish cedar
  • Right fixed hinges with door lock and alarm
  • UV-resistant insulated glass simultaneously protects and presents your wine collection
  • Activated charcoal filters filtered out odors that can dampen the quality of cigars
  • Dimmable energy efficient LED light in the door emits virtually no heat so it can stay on to cast a pleasant glow of ambient light
  • Temperature adjustable from 60° to 68° F
  • Humidity adjustable from 68% to 75%
  • Integrated water tray holds 1 liter of distilled water for ideal humidity; display alerts when water needs to be refilled
  • Option to wallmount or display elegantly on your finest furniture
WARNING: Click here for Proposition 65 Information for California Residents
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