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Meaco's Zambezi 8-liter desiccant dehumidifier is named after an orphaned elephant! Meaco makes a £2 donation ($2.63) to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation’s elephant orphanage in Zambia for each unit sold. This foundation works to end the ivory trade, to rescue and rehabilitate elephants orphaned by the trade, and to provide park protection for the future security of Africa's elephants. So, what is a desiccant dehumidifier and how does it differ from a traditional condenser dehumidifier? Instead of using condensation on cold evaporator coils to remove humidity from the air, Meaco's desiccant dehumidifier uses a chemical called Zeolite desiccant to do so. Zambezi can be used to dry rooms suffering from damp conditions, remove the "sticky" feeling from the air in summer, dry clothes after washing, help prevent condensation problems in winter, and help to maintain a healthier humidity level in your home.