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Olimpia Splendid Mastero Smart 9,200 BTU Windowless Wall AC with Heat Pump, 1721
Olimpia Splendid Mastero Smart 9,200 BTU Windowless Wall AC with Heat Pump, 1721

Olimpia Splendid Mastero Smart 9,200 BTU Windowless Wall AC with Heat Pump, 1721

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Olimpia Splendid
The first air conditioner without an outdoor unit designed for the air-conditioning of big spaces. The outdoor unit? Removed! Only two holes can be seen on the external surface. Free up your window and make your house beautiful again with the MAESTRO SMART windowless/splitless multi-function air conditioner- all year comfort appliance. The most advanced technology is accompanied by the design Made in Italy. Our Maestro product line is the first AC and Heat Pump without the need for an outdoor unit. Outside the building, the only thing visible is two attractively designed grills for intake and exhaust air. The entire installation can be completed from the inside space.

  • Virtually invisible from the outside
  • 9200 BTU - Cooling
  • 8500 BTU - Heating (Heat pump)
  • Dehumidifier
  • 9.3 EER - Energy Efficiency Rating
  • Rated Power Consumption in cooling mode: 930 watts
  • Rated Power Consumption in heating mode: 847 watts
  • Nominal absorption in cooling mode 8.36 AMPS
  • Nominal absorption in heating mode 8.15 AMPS
  • Functions: fan, dehumidification, sleep, auto, heating.
  • A multi filtering system that combines electrostatic with activated carbon filter
  • Fan Mode: Adjustable 3 speed fan with fan only mode to optimize air circulation
  • Dehumidification Mode: Reduces airflow to increase the amount of moisture removed from the space
  • Auto Mode: Adjusts setpoint based on ambient temperature
  • Sleep mode: Gradually increases the temperature setpoint ensuring whisper quiet operation, greater comfort and energy savings while you sleep
  • HEAT PUMP: Our reverse cycle heat pumps offer both heating and cooling to provide occupants with year-round comfort. It can also be used as backup heat during shoulder seasons.
  • PURE SYSTEM 2: A multi-filtration system that combines two state of the art filtration technologies: - An Electrostatic Filter designed to eliminate small particles such as smoke, dust, pollen and pet dander to provide relief to people with allergies. - An
  • Rotating Flap: Provides total air diffusion for consistent temperature throughout the space
  • Multifunction remote contol (Standard) - Wireless Wall Mounted Thermostat (Optional)
  • Dual air filter system - electrostatic/carbon
WARNING: Click here for Proposition 65 Information for California Residents
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