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This Italian designed Portable Air Conditioner provides optimum cooling in your home with 10,000-BTU's for powerful cooling. The powerful unit not only cools, but it also removes humidity with the dehumidification only function. With the ability to dehumidify up to 55 pints per day with no tank thanks to its auto-evaporating operation. Practical to move and use in different rooms thanks to its compact shape, rotating castors and the multi-function remote control. Two-speed fan control includes turbo and super cool mode meaning comfort is never a hassle. Auto-mode automatically regulates cooling in relation to the ambient temperature to optimize energy consumption.
The first air conditioner without an outdoor unit designed for the air-conditioning of big spaces. The outdoor unit? Removed! Only two holes can be seen on the external surface. Free up your window and make your house beautiful again with the MAESTRO SMART windowless/splitless multi-function air conditioner- all year comfort appliance. The most advanced technology is accompanied by the design Made in Italy. Our Maestro product line is the first AC and Heat Pump without the need for an outdoor unit. Outside the building, the only thing visible is two attractively designed grills for intake and exhaust air. The entire installation can be completed from the inside space.