The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly about Outdoor Fall Weddings

Posted by Lindsey Slinger on 11/18/2019
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly about Outdoor Fall Weddings

Your Wedding day is one of the most important days that you will have in your life. When getting ready to pick the special place where you will share your vows with your loved ones watching, it is essential to keep a few things in mind. Consider whether you want an indoor or outdoor space for your guests. Fall is the best time to entertain outside because of the cooler weather and fall foliage. But with the good comes the risk of freezing weather and rain. Being prepared for any temperature is important when getting married in the fall. Check out our tips for planning the most epic fall wedding for your family and friends!

The Dress Code

Outdoor Fall weddings have benefits for both the guests and the bride/groom. Having an outdoor fall wedding allows you to choose the dress code you want as opposed to going with the suggestion based on the room provided at a venue hall. You can have a more casual event outdoors with warm weather attire required. As for the bride and groom, it is important to dress for the weather for an outdoor wedding. When picking out your wedding dress, make sure to purchase a shall or light coat for festive fall pictures. You want to make sure if getting married outside that you are warm, so you are not seen shivering in your pictures! Many dress designers offer layers for their brides so that they can keep warm and look amazing on their special day. Even layering with custom denim or leather jacket can provide fun pictures to look back on for years to come!

Outdoor Even Spaces

Outdoor event locations provide a wide assortment of risks during the fall and winter season. Outdoor event spaces help avoid overcrowding and alternative seating options as opposed to a catering hall. Outdoor events can help you save money on decorations- because the scenery provides decoration rather than over-spending to dress up a catering room! While you have to coordinate seating options for your guests and add a few personal touches, there is minimal work that needs to be done to accommodate a fall wedding. Using the fall foliage as your natural backdrop, you will get a wide assortment of photos for your special day! Dressing your bridal party in more neutral colors will help accentuate the natural beauty of the fall colors. While the fall is a great time to work with a warm color pallet, outdoor event spaces allow you to fully customize your special day with seating options and space options to accommodate more massive crowds.

Are You Worried About The Weather?

It is a common fear for many couples that rain or even snow can prevent them from getting married outside. With the climate continually changing this time of year, it is vital to be prepared for any weather condition with your venue. Make sure when looking for a venue, you consider the worst-case scenario before sending over the deposit. Many outdoor venues have tents and patio heaters to keep your guests warm and cozy while still providing scenic views of the fall foliage. Patio heaters provide warmth to your guests while still being able to be outdoors with family and friends. If you are concerned about rain or snow, tents are a great way to enjoy the nature around you while still being protected from the elements outside! Canopies will protect your space from the wind, rain, and snow. Be sure to look for tent options that have a flat surface so that you can accommodate a dance floor or optional flooring instead of grass. Many event halls even have tents on site that can be added to your wedding package. Add string lights and florals to create a custom look that will make guests feel like they are in a winter wonderland. Want to keep the party outdoors late into the night? Bring in a fire pit station and allow your guest to cozy up fireside with drinks and s’ mores! Another tip to keep guests warm in case of colder weather is to have buckets with blankets on hand. You can place a blanket on each chair and use them as a favor to take home at the end of the night as a favor.

Decorating With Pumpkins

Fall is the only time to decorate with these unique squashes and pumpkins. Consider decorating with mini pumpkins on the tables or lining the isles of your ceremony with them to add a festive touch that you will not see any other time of year! Mini Pumpkins also make for great place cards and party favors, adding elegance to the table. Then at the end of the night, your guests can take them home to enjoy the rest of the season. Are you looking for a fun activity to entertain the little ones at your wedding? Consider having a carving station during cocktail hours to keep the kids entertained while their parents mingle close by!

Fall Drinks/Foods

Fall is a special time to use seasonal flavors to create festive drinks for your guests. Consider doing a spiked cider or a mule as your signature drink. While most taste good all year round, you can take advantage of the seasonal flavors to add a touch of fall to your wedding even at the bar. See if your caterer can provide hot cider to your guests to keep them warm before the ceremony. Having an apple cider bar on-site during your wedding will make for a great conversation piece for your guests. This will make the guests feel welcomed and be in the fall spirit before celebrating your special day! There is a wide assortment of fall treats that will be a showstopper to your dessert bar. Consider adding a fall dessert table with cider donuts, candy apples, pumpkin cookies, and pie pops to provide a rustic vibe with fall flavors for your guests.