3 Benefits of Having a Portable Dehumidifier

Posted by on 7/7/2017
3 Benefits of Having a Portable Dehumidifier

Our household environment is full of unwelcome guests. Some of these guests are not visible to the naked eye!

If we could see the microorganisms that abound in our home, there is a good chance we would be horrified. (If you've ever seen enlarged photos of mold spores and dust mites you know what we mean.)

Whether we can see these pollutants or not, they tend to be abundant. They can sometimes be toxic.  

These microbes thrive in humid environments. Eliminating humidity from the air is one effective way of dealing with microscopic pests.

Apart from being unwanted species' climate of choice, humidity causes other problems. Keep reading to learn three benefits of having a portable dehumidifier.

A Portable Dehumidifier Can Improve Your Health

Mold, mildew, and household dust mites have proven to harm human health. These allergens can cause conditions such asthma. They can also affect the skin and respiratory system. 

In some cases, these environmental pollutants can lead to neurological and psychiatric disorders. They have been associated with depression.

While wreaking havoc on the body, humidity also affects the effectiveness of home medical equipment. The FDA states that humidity can cause medical instruments to act in unpredictable ways, compromise sterility, and reduce the shelf-life of products. 

Portable dehumidifiers will reduce your home's humidity. This can improve your overall health. 

It Can Protect Your Home

You may have noticed (if your home office is not paperless) that moisture and humidity have a negative effect on paper. Those wood fibers that are used to make paper comprise the wood used for home construction.

Condensation causes wood rot or can cause the wood to shrink. From an aesthetic standpoint, humidity can cause damp patches on walls. 

Pests such as termites and cockroaches prefer humid environments. In addition to causing damage, the sight of a large insect can be quite disconcerting.  

A portable dehumidifier can protect the structural integrity of your home and keep it looking nice. It can also keep pests at bay.

Improve The Comfort Of Your Home

Homes that hold a dampness in the air are not cozy. At worst, they have a musty "basement" sort of smell to them. 

If you live in a warm climate (or have ever watched the weather report), you know that humidity can make the air feel hotter than it actually is. To combat the heat, most people turn up the air conditioner.

Decreasing the humidity by increasing the air conditioner's output is an inefficient use of energy. Also, a home that is too cold can become quite uncomfortable. 

Sometimes people picture dehumidifiers as bulky appliances. There are several streamlined portable dehumidifier options available, however. The physical size of a unit does not determine its capabilities so much as the amount of moisture it can eliminate from the environment each day. 

Knowing you are smelling and breathing cleaner air gives you peace of mind. Improve your home environment today by choosing a dehumidifier that is right for you.