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Recreate a refreshing natural lake breeze in the comfort of your own home. The Quilo QE1S combines three appliances - fan, evaporative air cooler and humidifier - into one compact energy-saving system. A fan alone creates a breeze by recirculating warm air, but when you add water and ice to the tank, Quilo's evaporative cooling technology with its advanced honeycomb irrigation system rapidly reduces the temperature of incoming warm air, transforming it into a cool moist breeze. With its quiet patent-pending brushless motor technology and aerodynamic internal shape, this unit is designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing airflow. An indoor evaporative air cooler offers an energy efficient cooling option when the air is hot with low humidity, such as desert areas like the southwestern United States (recommended humidity level is 60% or less for maximum efficiency). For those living in more humid climates, please consider our portable air conditioning units.