Smarter iKettle Remote Boil with Smarter App, SMKET01
Smarter iKettle Remote Boil with Smarter App, SMKET01

Smarter iKettle Remote Boil with Smarter App, SMKET01

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Why waste time waiting for water to boil when you can boil water remotely with iKettle. Using the Smarter app, available for iOS and Android, you have complete control. The customizable water temp feature allows you to select any temperature between 68 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for connoisseurs who drink an assortment of hot drinks, this feature ensures that the water is the ideal temperature for your favorite. The water level sensor tells you exactly how much water is in your kettle on your Smarter app, so you know how many cups you can make. Start your day with a fresh boil by setting the alarm in Wake Up mode. With Home mode, iKettle welcomes you home as soon as you walk in the door by prompting you to boil a kettle. Plus, Formula mode makes night feeds quicker and easier. Connect iKettle to your favorite smart home devices, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, using simple and secure BlinkUp technology. Enjoy a hot boil anytime from anywhere with Smarter iKettle.

  • Remote boil stainless steel hot water kettle with 1.8-liter capacity and non-spill spout
  • Control remotely with the free, easy-to-use Smarter app or manually with the boil button on the base
  • Connect your iKettle with other smart home devices using open third-party integration
  • Works with Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and more with the use of IFTTT
  • Innovative pairing technology allows secure and quick setup to multiple devices
  • See exactly how much water is in the iKettle via the Smarter App before you boil
  • Adjust the temperature between 68 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit to reach the ideal water temp
  • Keep iKettle on standby at the desired temperature for up to 40 minutes
  • Set alarms with Wake Up mode to boil water in the morning via the Smarter App
  • Formula mode boils the water then notifies you via the Smarter App once it has cooled enough for baby formula
  • With Home mode, get notified via the Smarter App to start boiling water for when you arrive home
  • Never run out of tea by ordering from a range of quality partners with the Smarter App
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