What Is Going On With My Window Air Conditioner?

Posted by Lindsey Slinger on 4/10/2019
What Is Going On With My Window Air Conditioner?

4 Common Issues Concerning Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is considered a necessity in a large part of the United States during those warm summer months. Along with merely cooling down your room, most air conditioner units also have a built-in dehumidifier, which will assist in high humidity climates such as the states of Florida or Georgia. But what happens when your AC unit is not working the way it should?

Improper installation, overuse, and control panel issues are some of the common AC problems that most likely can be fixed quickly at home, rather than calling for help. While most air conditioner units require monthly upkeep, it is essential to be familiar with the common issues that can arise in portable or window air conditioners to avoid costly repair. We are going to explore some of these issues and provide some simple solutions to further assist in caring for your unit.

Water Is Dripping Out Of The Back Of The Unit

While it is not the most glamorous, the majority of window air conditioners on the market are designed to drain water on the exterior corner of the unit. This will happen when the unit is working in a high humidity climate or a high-temperature area. It is working hard to remove the humidity in your room.  You will often hear water inside the AC unit as well, but don’t worry, this is a normal thing!

It just simply means that the refrigerant is passing through the evaporator and is a sign that the compressor is running and the dehumidifier function is working correctly on your unit. While some AC units on the market now have an auto-evaporative function, most are still designed to drip excess water out of the corner of the unit, to drain the water outside. However, if you hear water inside the Window Air conditioner and do not see a drip on the exterior, you should contact the manufacturer for additional support.

Water Is Dripping Inside The House

For most homeowners, water damage is a dreaded expense that can be avoided if your AC unit is installed correctly. If you have recently installed your window AC unit and water is coming onto the inside of your home, we would suggest checking to make sure the window air conditioner is secure in your window. Most AC units need to be installed on a small tilt to prevent this from happening.

The suggested tilt can vary depending on the unit, so please make sure to check your installation manual to make sure that your Air Conditioner is tilted enough so that the water exits out of the back of the unit.  However, portable air units will not have to be installed on a tilt. If you notice your AC unit is leaking, please be sure to check that the drain plug on the unit is secure. If you continue to see water, please contact the manufacturer of your AC unit for tech support.

Why Is My Window Air Conditioner Rattling My Window And Wall?

This is a noise that will catch your attention! You have just installed your AC unit, and as soon as you hit the power button, your window panel begins to shake. The window air conditioner starts to make a loud rattling noise. If this situation occurs, it is possible that the AC unit is not mounted correctly. View your installation guide to make sure that all of the steps were followed correctly when attaching the top channel to your window. Most Window Air conditioner includes a foam seal to help protect the window panel, so it is essential to make sure they are installed properly. 

My AC Unit Is Frozen With Ice On The Coils

If you notice that there is ice building up on the outer coils of your unit, the first step is to turn the air conditioner off. The AC unit will need to defrost before it can be used again. By turning the AC unit back on and using the Fan function only, your unit will defrost within a few hours. Once defrosted, select your desired room temperature and the room should start to cool down. Also, keep in mind that most units are not designed to operate in a cool mode when the outside temperature is below 65°F (18°C), when assessing the frozen coils.

My Control Panel Is Not Working

If you begin to notice that the buttons on the control panel are not responding as you press them, the first thing you want to do is reset your air conditioner. For most air conditioners, the reset button is located on the plug. If you do not have a reset button, unplug the AC, wait up to 3 minutes, and then plug the unit back in to restart. If the buttons continue to malfunction, you may have a defective control panel and will need to contact the warranty company or tech support.

My Home Is Not Getting Cold Fast Enough

We have all been there- it is 90 degrees outside, and your AC is continuously running to keep the temperate cool in your room. But why is it taking so long? There are a few factors that can affect the function of your unit: 

  • Air conditioners will take longer to cool down a room if the outside temperature and humidity level are high.
  • If your room is exposed to direct sunlight, your AC’s compressor will have to work overtime to keep the room cool.
  • Make sure you have the temperature set and that no blinds or curtains are blocking the window or portable AC unit, this will affect the efficiency.
  • Check the filter to make sure that the air is clean and flowing properly on the air conditioner. If the filter is dirty, your AC will not cool down the room properly. 

You can refer to your User’s Manual for assistance in changing or cleaning your unit’s filter. You will want to refer to the Use & Care Guide if one is provided, to make sure you are keeping up with the recommended maintenance! If you need further assistance in purchasing an air conditioner choose from many of our selections at Four Seasons Trading Company.