What to Know About Installing a Portable Air Conditioner

Posted by on 7/20/2017
What to Know About Installing a Portable Air Conditioner

The dog days of summer are upon us! Just because it's hot outside doesn't mean that the inside of your home has to be. 

A portable air conditioner is an effective way to cool a space. Home or office spaces benefit from these units because they cool areas that are in use instead of empty spaces.

These AC units not only save on energy costs but are environmentally friendly. They have to be vented properly, however, which can make installation tricky. Let's look at everything that you need to know about properly venting your air conditioning unit during installation!

Window Kits 

A portable air conditioner will most likely come with a window kit. This method is the easiest way to install and vent your unit. 

Most kits come with a window bracket, a few hoses, and hose adapters. Setting up the air conditioner is easy. Attach the hose or hoses to the unit, place the bracket in your window, stretching it to fit snugly and cutting it if need be, and attach the hose to the space provided in the bracket. 

If your window has a screen, don't worry. Most window kits work as intended without having to remove the screen. After setup, it's just a matter of turning on your air conditioner and finding the perfect settings for your space. 

Alternative Venting Options

There are situations where a window isn't a viable option for venting, however. There's no need to panic if you run into this problem. Here are solutions that you can use for your portable air conditioner. 


The good thing about plexiglass is that it will fix many problems you might run into while installing the ventilation system for your unit. Some of the common problems are:

Casement and Crank Windows

A standard window kit won't work with these types of windows since they open differently. Covering the surface with plexiglass and cutting a space in it for the hose is a simple solution to this problem. 

Sliding Glass Doors

Most window kits aren't big enough to fill the open space left by a sliding glass door. Whatever space is left open after installing the bracket can be filled with plexiglass or another solid material. 

Venting Without Windows or Exterior Access

If you are using a portable air conditioner in an office space, you might not have access to a window or door that you can use for ventilation. Don't worry though; there are a few ways to handle this problem.  

Drop Ceiling Venting

Most offices have ceiling tiles that are removable. These work well for venting, and it's easy to do with a ceiling ventilation kit. These kits are inexpensive and will allow you to use your AC unit practically anywhere. 

Wall Ventilation 

If you don't have an option to ventilate through the ceiling, you can use the wall. Using a small saw, cut a hole into a wall that is just big enough to fit the hose snugly. 

This method will allow you to vent the hot air into another room such as a garage or storage closet. Make sure there is no wiring or plumbing in the area you are cutting though. 

Your Portable Air Conditioner Is Installed and Vented, Now What?

Once installed, there are some things that you can do to make your unit more efficient.  


Keeping your portable air conditioner clean is essential to ensure long life and optimum performance. If dust and dirt aren't cleaned on a regular basis, it can impact air flow and make your unit work harder, lowering its life expectancy. 

Use a vacuum to clean dirt and dust around the vents. Keep the area around your AC clean as well to minimize the amount of junk that can be sucked into it. Make sure you wipe the casing down with a damp cloth after vacuuming. 


Your portable air conditioner comes with a washable filter that should be cleaned either weekly or monthly. Other filters can be used in addition to the washable filter, increasing the lifespan and effectiveness of your unit.

Carbon filters are great at removing smoke and other odors from your home or office. If you have allergy concerns, microbial filters will filter out mold spores, smoke, dust, and pollen from the air. 

These filters are a little more expensive than regular ones, but they pay for themselves over time by increasing the life of your AC and reducing indoor pollution, which is a problem in many homes. 

Don't Wait Until You Need It To Turn It On

If you live in a hotter climate, this tip is especially useful. Waiting for a room to cool down after being outdoors in the summer heat is dreadful. 

If you are going to be doing lawn work or washing the car, go ahead and turn your portable air conditioner on before you go outside. Turning it on early will have your room cool when you come in. 

Keeping the unit in a closed room will also increase its effectiveness. Try to keep doors closed so that the space you will be using will retain the cool air. 

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